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Ad Optimization Masterclass

Kean Graham

Founder & CEO
Want to get into Ad Ops? But don't know where to start?

Learn the fundamentals of Ad Optimization with our free introductory course.

What's included?

  • 35 Videos
  • 35 Quizzes
  • Certification courses
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Become an Ad Ops Guru 

You will learn how to build an ad optimization process from scratch. This includes setting up AdSense ad units, staying Google policy compliant, integrating GAM, setting up split tests, blocking invalid traffic and so much more!

What our students say

PubGuru courses are, frankly speaking, the only ones that truly deserve to be called courses. Thank you for your effort and willingness to share your knowledge with us. This knowledge brings me fewer frustrations and more peace of mind.
Branko Jovanovic
PubGuru Student
The course itself is one of a kind on the web at this price. This course made it possible for me to go to my first job interview with more confidence. I passed! I'd definitely recommend this if a friend asked for a course on Google Ad Manager.
PubGuru Student
Nothing else comes close to the courses offered at PubGuru University! The lessons are in-depth and are actually helpful to me as a publisher. The courses have been a great supplement in parallel to working with MonetizeMore and their nice team of AdOps experts.
Vikatan Group
Meet the instructor


MonetizeMore is a widely recognized leader in the Ad Ops industry. Started in 2010, our founder Kean Graham has led us to grow into a 190+ global team, earn tens of millions in annual revenue, become a Google Certified Publisher and build an award-winning Ad Ops product suite. 
Patrick Jones - Course author